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Corporate Strategy


In accordance with the Code of Conduct the employees of the MÜNZING group declare their commitment to the guiding principle "Creating Additive Value".

Customer satisfaction

  • We define quality as the fulfillment of mutually agreed to standards and expected performance.
  • We strive to provide our customers with prompt reliable service. We provide our customers with products that meet upon requirements and to provide shipments that are correct and on time.


  • The protection of our neighbors, customers, consumers and employees is very important to us. We have the highest demands on the quality and safety of both our products and manufacturing processes.
  • We comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Moreover, we aim at being one step ahead of the legislature, wherever it is reasonable and sustainable.

Innovation and R&D

  • We aim at continuous innovation and find the inspiration for new products in the needs of our customers.
  • If desired we develop custom designed additives for specific applications.

Continuous process improvement

  • We are committed to continually improving our products and processes. Avoiding a mistake enjoys our first priority rather than the need for correcting it. We believe in "doing it right the first time."
  • We establish improvement goals and objectives, as well as to monitor, measure and to evaluate our performance.

Sustainable growth

  • By consistently expanding our product range and entering new markets we want to successfully strengthen our market position.
  • By investing in our organization and subsidiaries as well as in acquisitions of companies with a complementary portfolio we want to increase both the company size and the shareholder value.

The company management and all MÜNZING employees act in accordance with these principles and aim at the common goal "Creating Additive Value".

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