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Technology and Innovations


MÜNZING develops, manufactures and markets additives for coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, paper making and coating, construction chemicals, metalworking fluids (lubricants and coolants), industrial cleaners as well as chemical and industrial processes and for the production of food.

Our product portfolio is comprised of defoamers, wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, flow control additives, micronized and coated waxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions.

MÜNZING has production facilities and technical service centers in Germany, the U.S. and Asia. Our manufacturing capabilities in Germany and the U.S. are modern multi-purpose plants, which guarantee a high level of flexibility and consistent quality. The following synthesis and formulation processes can be carried out:

  • Sulfonation
  • Phosphatation
  • Polymerisation
  • Sulfatation
  • Amidation
  • Polycondensation
  • Esterification
  • Polyaddition
  • Hot and cold precipitation
  • Grinding
  • Dispersing
  • Emulsification
  • Solid/liquid mixture

At our site in Elsteraue, Germany, we have years of experience with the micronization of waxes. A specifically designed technology produces spherical micronized wax particles that provide modified properties compared to conventionally milled waxes.

Due to the multi-purpose characteristics of our plant and the access to a large range of reactions we are able to offer custom designed products or to toll manufacture them.

Approximately 20 % of our worldwide employees are working in the fields of development and application technology. Through constant investment in these fields we want to strengthen our competence so that we can offer high-quality additives to our customers for their current products and future developments.

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