Technical Information


Technical Information

Technical Information

Additives for waterborne Inkjet and Textile Printing

Learn more about our range of effective dispersants for maximizing performance of pigments and disperse dyes. This flyer also includes detailed information on our defoamers, wetting agents and rheology modifiers for inkjet and textile printing.

AGITAN® 5091 - highly efficient defoamer for use in a wide range of coatings applications

AGITAN® 5091 is a unique defoaming technology with excellent stability and high efficiency, specifically formulated for use in a wide range of coatings applications. This defoamer is also alkali and acid resistant since it can be used in a pH-range between 3 and 11. Main applications: - Architectural coatings - Building products - Industrial and wood coatings

AGITAN® defoamers for pigment coating colors

for paper and board coatings

Alternatives to Fluorosurfactants

Fluorosurfactants are highly efficient at lowering surface tension and MÜNZING offers various additives that provide functions that perform similarly to fluorosurfactants. Since 1:1 direct replacement may not be possible MÜNZING offers products that may be used in combination to achieve the desired properties.

Anti-Corrosion Primers

FENTAK® TC range anti-corrosion primers for steel reinforcing in autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels.

Defoamers for Agriculture Applications - American Version

MAGRABAR high performance antifoams and defoamers for agriculture adjuvants.

Defoamers for All Cleaning Applications

FOAM BAN® defoamers / antifoams for general purpose, industrial and green cleaners are designed to provide effective foam control when used tankside or in formulation.

Defoamers for Antifreezes and Coolants

FOAM BAN® defoamers / antifoams for antifreeze and coolants are designed to provide efficient foam control and excellent compatibility.

Defoamers for Fermentation - American Version

MAGRABAR clean label (organic and non-GMO) antifoams and defoamers for fermentation.


EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® - Dispersing Technology

ECO friendly PTFE alternatives for printing inks

Royce Mathews, Business Development Manager for Wax products, wrote an article on eco friendly PTFE alternatives for printing inks. The article appeared in the InkWorld January issue.

EDAPLAN 490 Series - Technical News No.05

EDAPLAN® 490 Series - Technical News No. 05

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for carbon black pigments | Aqueous pigment concentrates for water-based and solvent-based universal use

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for carbon black pigments | Water-based pigment concentrates

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for inorganic pigments | Aqueous pigment concentrates for water-based and solvent-based universal use

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for inorganic pigments | Solvent-based and high-solid pigment concentrates

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for inorganic pigments | Water-based pigment concentrates

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for organic pigments | Aqueous pigment concentrates for water-based and solvent-based universal use

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for organic pigments | Solvent-based and high-solid pigment concentrates

EDAPLAN® & METOLAT® Guide formulations for organic pigments | Water-based pigment concentrates

Fast Knockdown Defoaming of Protein Drinks - Global Version

MÜNZING launches a new powder antifoam for clear whey protein isolate shakes: MAGRABAR® MD-4925

Fast knockdown defoaming of protein drinks - MAGRABAR® MD-4965 powder antifoam

The preparation of protein shakes may cause excessive foam to build, leading to an undesirable customer experience. MÜNZINGs new powder antifoam, MAGRABAR® MD-4965, is specifically designed to knock down foam quickly and provide a highly persistent foam control. It enables the protein shake to be ready to consume in seconds while maintaining low turbidity and a neutral flavor profile.

FENTAK® AD31906 - Anti Abrasion Dispersion

FENTAK® AD31906 is a liquid abrasion dispersion for paper saturating

FENTAK® AF31958 - Defoamer

FENTAK® AF31958 is a liquid defoamer for dispersion-based 2nd stage coating

FENTAK® AR31265 - Back Release System

FENTAK® AR31265 is a liquid back release system for high pressure laminates (HPL)

FENTAK® Black Colorants

FENTAK® Black Colorants for laminate and board production

FENTAK® Defoamer

FENTAK® Liquid Defoamer for Paper Saturating

FENTAK® FW31343 - Wetting Agent

FENTAK® FW31343 is a wetting agent for paper saturating

FENTAK® guide formulations for impregnated paper

This flyer shows our top FENTAK® product recommendations for impregnated paper, in the applications of pigmented white paper, light uni-color & printed paper and dark uni-color paper & deep texture

FENTAK® Release Agent

FENTAK® Release Agent for board production

FENTAK® Wetting Agent

FENTAK® Wetting Agent for Paper Saturating

FOAM BAN® Defoamers for Tank Side use in Aqueous Metalworking Fluids

Foam minimization during the use of aqueous metalworking fluids (MWFs) is required to maintain effective lubrication, heat removal, and prevent overflow of sumps. For these reasons, MWF formulations commonly contain defoamers, which control the foam as it forms by disrupting the interfacial energies that stabilize the foam bubbles. Read the article published in the TLT November issue. The article was written by Stefanie Velez, Industrial Applications Manager, MÜNZING

Food Grade Antifoams for Fermentation - European Version

A range of Non-GMO, Organic and traditional antifoams that provide several benefits in the Fermentation process such as enhanced yield and improved plant safety.

Food Grade Powdered Antifoams - American Version

Non-GMO, Organic and traditional powdered antifoams that act as anti-boil agents in microwavable applications and are suitable for use in powdered drinks.

Green Wax Products

In this flyer you will find information on our top selection of green waxemulsions and micronized waxes with a renewable content of up to 100%.

High Perfomance Defoamers based on OMS technology

Learn more about our new high performance defoamers AGITAN® 159, AGITAN® 762 und AGITAN® 763 - Suitable for a broad range of applications like industrial coatings, wood coatings and printing inks.

High Performance Alternatives to Legacy Silicone Emulsions - European Version

Multifunctional 100% active antifoam that is proven effective and suitable for a broad range of food processing applications.

High Performance Antifoams for Collagen Gels - European Version

Antifoams suitable for use in food processing that provide strong surface foam control and air release in collagen gels.

High Performance Defoamer for Water Based Systems

AGITAN® 786N is a powerful and highly efficient defoamer with superior persistence to shear and aging and minimal or no wetting defects. Ease of incorporation and dispersion in water-based systems results in versatility across systems and applications.

High Performance Defoamers suitable for use as Food Additives - European Version

Antifoams proven effective in a range of industries and applications. For use not only as a processing aid - products can have a technical function in the food.

High Performance Food Grade Powdered Antifoams - European Version

Antifoams in powder form that are readily formulated into dry mixtures and act as an anti-boil agent in microwavable foods.

Hybrid Antifoam Technology for Lubricating Oils

Silicone-polyacrylate hybrid antifoam for enhanced defoaming and air release. Paper presented by Ernest Galgoci at Lubmat 2018 Conference.

Hybrid Antifoams for non-aqueous Fluids

Antifoams based on a hybrid of siloxane and polyacrylate chemistries that provide excellent surface foam control while minimizing impact on air release.

MAGRABAR® Defoamers for Beverages

MÜNZING presents new case study on defoamers that provide fast foam knockdown and high persistency defoaming to all kinds of beverages. Take a look into our new case study, that showcases our MAGRABAR® defoamers for beverages in different test scenarios. There is a wide range of products from organic food additives to silicone based processing aids, so we can offer a choice for every kind of regulation.

MAGRABAR® Food Defoamers - Global version

In food processing there are many foam causing factors, both the food composition as well as the process environment. Learn how defoamers work, the benefits they bring to food processing and how to select a suitable defoamer.

MAGRABAR® Vegetable Oil based Products - European Version

High performance alternatives to silicone emulsions that provide effective foam control over a broad range of industries and applications.

Multifunctional Defoamers for High Viscosity Applications - Global Versions

Multifunctional food grade esters which act as deaerators to help entrained air release faster from high viscosity fluids.

MÜNZING´s novel micronized biopolymer CERETAN® MBP 20220

CERETAN® MBP 20220 is a micronized biopolymer with a Dv99 < 20 µm, designed to improve scratch, rub and abrasion resistance in printing inks. It is 100% based on renewable, biodegradable resources without compromising on performance.

OMBRESEAL® 630N - Heat seal coating

OMBRESEAL® 630N is a ready to use water-based polymer emulsion product which can be applied by various industrial coating processes. It is the product of choice for heat seal and hot tack applications.

Our Open Time Boosters

These water-based, (S)VOC free dispersions provide excellent improvement of open time in exterior and interior dispersion paints and plasters, without having impact on gloss, recoatability and dirt-pick-up properties.

Pioneering coatings additives for a greener future

We continue the conversation of sustainability initiatives by MÜNZING and pursuing our high sustainability goals. In this article our R&D team explains how they face the challenge of creating sustainable formulations that match or exceed performance of standard fossil additives. By discovering and utilizing new raw materials and technologies we aim to reduce CO2 footprint of our products and further extend our comprehensive portfolio of green additives to support paint manufacturers in achieving their objectives, without compromising on performance. The article appeared in the September issue of PCI and was written by Tina Leyh (Sustainability Coordinator and Lab Manager), Dr. Patrick Röske (Lab Manager R&D Sustainable Additives) and Michael Bilger (Technology Coordinator), all located in our R&D department at MÜNZING CHEMIE in Abstatt, Germany.

Polyacrylate Defoamer for Non-Aqueous Systems

FOAM BAN® 204 provides excellent foam control and compatibility while maintaining minimal effects on air release properties of non-aqueous systems.

Powder Additives - MUNZING 06-2017.pdf

AGITAN® P & METOLAT® P - Powder Additives

Powder Defoamers for Building Products and Architectural Coatings

Discover our new powder additives AGTIAN® P 842 and AGTIAN® P 846. Both are mineral oil and silicone free and enable smooth surfaces and other positives effects in building products and architectural coatings.

Powder Wetting Agent METOLAT® P 4288 for Agricultural Use

METOLAT® P 4288 improves the wettability of agricultural substrates like soil and peat and makes them resistant against frost.

PTFE-free wax additive solutions for printing inks

Discover the future of coatings & inks with our groundbreaking PTFE-free wax additive range: As a leading expert in wax additives, we understand the evolving needs of our customers and the growing concerns surrounding PFAS compounds. In response to these challenges, we have developed advanced polymer blends that eliminate the need for PTFE while maintaining exceptional performance.

Ready-to-use barrier emulsions

for paper and board substrates

Renewable additives for sustainable adhesives

Replacing existing additives with chemically-identical versions offers increased levels of renewable organic carbon and no labeling or performance changes. Read this article wirtten by Catherine Vitale, PCA Applications Manager at MÜNZING, published in the November 2023 issue of ASI.

Rheology Modifiers for Cleaning Applications - American Version

HEUR and HASE rheology modifiers that provide improved stability and viscosity to a broad range of cleaner applications.

Rheology Modifiers for Cleaning Applications - European Version

HEUR and HASE rheology modifiers that provide improved stability and viscosity to a broad range of cleaner applications.

Silicone Emulsion Antifoams

A broad range of industrial and direct food grade antifoams to provide foam control in many applications.

Ultrafiltration in Dairy Processing - American Version

A study conducted to indicate the impact of multiple MAGRABAR® defoamer types on ultrafiltration membranes

Ultrafiltration in Dairy Processing - European Version

A study conducted to indicate the impact of multiple MAGRABAR® defoamer types on ultrafiltration membranes

Wax Additives - True Multi-Talents

A comparison of non-fossil biogenic wax additives and its synthetic or fossil counterparts. The article was written by our technical laboratory managers Michael Bilger, Tina Leyh and Sebastian Schütz and was published in July edition of European Coatings Journal.


Wax additives in coatings

WÜKONIL® NAT 1000 - a bio-based and bio-degradable alternative to paraffin

WÜKONIL® NAT 1000 was tested against a conventional paraffin dispersion in various tests in both, wood and architectural coatings. Test results are shown in this presentation.