Printing Inks


Printing Inks

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Printing inks are part of our daily life. They are used for means of information or decorative purpose in print media, catalogs, and brochures, on packaging, textiles and articles of daily use. The major application processes are flexographic, gravure, offset and screen printing. MÜNZING has extensive expertise in specialty additives for printing inks and offers a broad portfolio of additives to the printing ink manufacturers, inclusive of defoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coated waxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions. Depending on the application, printing inks have to meet many different requirements, where our additives are of great value. They help to reduce anti-blocking and rub out and improve slip, gloss, matting, and scratch resistance.

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