Food Processing


Food Processing

Market Description

The MAGRABAR® food defoamers are amongst the most strictly regulated defoamers in the marketplace for food additive and food processing. The defoamers provide maximum foam control, little to no odor or taste, and are ready to be added to any liquid or powder recipe. Our food defoamers are available in two main types: food additive or processing aid. The food additive defoamer is used to give a technical effect in the food that the consumer directly consumes. For example, a defoamer is used to control foam in a powder drink formulation. The processing aid is a defoamer that is used to manufacture the food item; any defoamer remaining in the consumable product is purely incidental, like a defoamer used to manufacture a sauce or carbonated beverage. The MAGRABAR® products are Kosher and Halal certified, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, and gluten-free. Furthermore, all products are palm oil-free and formulated with cropped vegetable oils, which makes them biobased to a large extent. The portfolio is completed by several organic certified products that can be used as food additives as well as processing aids.

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