Tankside Defoamers


Tankside Defoamers

Market Description

Efficiency, compatibility, and persistency are the three main attributes a MÜNZING defoamer provides to successfully formulate a fluid that maintains the required tribology and cooling for modern high-performance fluids. The tank side applications are sensitive to the slower, less energetic method of defoamer incorporation into the header tank or sump. When a machine operator notes higher levels of foam being produced in the machining unit, it is important for the operator to manually dose defoamer, like FOAM BAN® 3D siloxane chemistry. The machine may automatically stop if the foam level sensor is activated, which causes losing machine time, possible cutting tool damage, and reduction of production output. Tank side applications are intended to support the fully formulated metalworking fluid over prolonged periods. The defoamer formulated in the metalworking fluid may not have long-term concentrate stability or long-term persistency once the fluid is operating in the high shear conditions in the machining unit. Small additions of tank side defoamer will prolong the lifetime of the diluted metalworking fluid, reduce the running cost of the machine, and also reduce fluid waste or recycling costs.

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