Non-aqueous Lubricants


Non-aqueous Lubricants

Market Description

Non-aqueous lubricants are typically known as engine lubricants and drive train lubricants where an engine requires lubrication to maintain optimal efficiency and longevity; or in a gearbox application as in motorcycles, wind turbines, or a gearbox system in a metal foundry. All lubricant applications have demanding specifications. However, all applications require the defoamer to deaerate the fluid while impacting foam stabilization as little as possible. Lubrication only occurs between two surfaces when a fluid is present between those surfaces. Any entrained air will interfere with this lubricating property. Degradation of metal parts, premature wear, and overheating could lead to catastrophic equipment failure. The market is rapidly moving towards low viscosity and foamier synthetic lubricants to reduce frictional losses and to run extended refill service intervals. In doing so extreme defoamer filter performance and persistency is demanded. This benefits the FOAM BAN® 3D siloxane chemistries with their ability to pass through low micron pore size filters. In applications where silica-free or low silica is demanded, then a polymeric FOAM BAN® or a hybrid (polymer/siloxane) is recommended. In the food industry, where NSF HX-1 standards are needed in any areas where food contact may be required for any given fluid, we are able to offer specific FOAM BAN® types.

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