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Adhesives & Heatseal

Market Description

MÜNZING's outstanding range of raw materials enables our customers to get the most out of the adhesives and sealants they manufacture, whether these are water-based, solvent-based, hot melt adhesives, or adhesives based on natural polymers. We offer additives for pressure-sensitive adhesives, packaging adhesives, construction adhesives, industrial adhesives, industrial sealants, and heat seal applications. Adhesives can be formulated based on a variety of different chemistries, either natural or synthetic based. Our portfolio for adhesives includes "Defoamers for process deaeration and application defoaming", "Wetting Agents for better wetting on difficult substrates", "Rheology Modifiers to optimize the flow profile for your application", "Dispersants for dispersing and stabilizing of solids" and "Wax Dispersions to improve heat sealing and barrier properties". We also offer bio-based additives to improve the ecological footprint.

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