Metalworking Fluids and Lubricants


Metalworking Fluids and Lubricants

Market Description

The increasing technical demands of high-performance CNC machining with technical metals in complex forms provide the perfect opportunity to use MÜNZINGs FOAM BAN® high-performance defoamers. Applications range from aircraft parts machining to metal stamping and forging fluids. The metalworking fluids are oils that are classified into three main groups – soluble oils, semi-synthetic with high and low oil content, and fully synthetic oil systems. All systems provide their own unique attributes to foam control, compatibility, and wetting performance. Some problems are observed in the dilution of the fluid to produce the working emulsion. Depending on local water quality, foaming may be an issue with soft water dilutions. Formulation stability may be affected by hard water conditions. Both problems are caused by low or high levels of calcium and magnesium salts within the natural water. The FOAM BAN® 3D siloxane-containing defoamers are specially designed with emulsifiers that promote good compatibility in a broad range of water hardness environments. Defoamers that are especially strong at controlling foam are FOAM BAN® HP 900 products. The fore-mentioned defoamers are practically formulated into all systems that require fast knockdown, persistent foam control, and low treat rates. In cases where silica is not permitted, such as some aerospace applications, then wax-based FOAM BAN® products will provide a way to combat foam over a prolonged period of time.

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