Antifreeze, Engine Coolants and De-Icing


Antifreeze, Engine Coolants and De-Icing

Market Description

It is essential in all types of engines that coolant or antifreeze is used to control the running temperature of the equipment. Failure to protect the fluid from freezing can significantly damage the cooling core of an engine. The main attribute of these systems is the wide operating temperature of -40°C to +110°C. A typical coolant operating environment is +0°C to +90°C, reaching optimal temperature within a few minutes. Any foam control agent must be stable in these conditions for many years. Compatibility and persistency of the formulants is essential in these environments. The formulations contain strong electrolytes, glycols, and ethers. The defoamer under such conditions should remain compatible with the coolant, that is a traditional glycol fluid, organic acid-based, or a hybrid fluid. The MÜNZING siloxane or polyalkylene glycol chemistries are designed to remain active and compatible in the different coolant systems. The FOAM BAN® defoamers remain persistent throughout the lifetime of the fluid. De-icers for aircraft applications require further environmental regard since these are used in the open environment.

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