Architectural Coatings


Architectural Coatings

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Architectural coatings, like paints, plasters, and other coatings, are found on the exteriors and interiors of our buildings. MÜNZING additives portfolio for architectural coatings is extensive and includes defoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, leveling- and wetting agents, as well as micronized waxes, wax dispersions and emulsions. These products are provided for a variety of architectural coatings applications, such as exterior decorative paints and plasters for facades, interior wall paints, and from clearcoats up to highly filled systems. Our products serve easy application of architectural coatings in brush, roller, or spray application and prolong their durability and hydrophobicity. To meet the increasing demand for renewable, environmentally friendly paints, we offer additives for the formulation of water-based low-VOC or free architectural paints. Another important aspect is the increased use of more bio-based elements in the additive groups to ensure the shift towards a more sustainable coatings industry.

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