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Building & Construction Products

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MÜNZING has extensive experience in developing and producing powder additives for the construction industry. Our product range includes powder defoamers, powder wetting agents, and shrinkage reducing additives for a broad spectrum of applications, including self-leveling compounds, joint fillers, tile adhesives, mortars, and plasters. Powder defoamers, for example, are used in dry-mix mortars for none or low air void-containing products to achieve maximum density, mechanical strength, and little capillary transport effects. This, for instance, is essential in repair mortars, self-leveling compounds, anchoring mortars, and tile grouts. Shrinkage-reducing agents (SRA) are water-miscible or soluble substances that are reducing the surface tension of the water phase and which are reducing the evaporation rate of water during the setting and curing of a mortar system. Powder wetting agents are used to improve the wetting of hydrophobic components like synthetic fibers and carbon blacks and for reducing water demand plus de-agglomeration of inorganic pigments and fillers.

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