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High-End Additives

Additive  Value

MÜNZING is a highly regarded, privately owned specialty additive company with headquarters in Abstatt, Germany. We have a presence in over 40 countries and are a technology driven organization with an extensive staff of highly experienced R&D and technical service personnel in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Our manufacturing plants in Germany, USA, Australia and Asia have broad synthesis and formulation capabilities in order to best serve our global customer base.
We are committed to creating value and improving our customers’ formulations with our complete range of specialty additives. These additives, which include d­efoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers­, wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coated waxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions have achieved worldwide recognition for their performance, quality and technical innovation.


Product Innovations

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The MUNZING FENTAK PROCESSING ADDITIVES is one of the world´s specialist in Additive Systems for[more]