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Münzing Group History
1839 Friedrich Münzing


Foundation of MÜNZING by Friedrich Michael Münzing, first producer of sulfuric acid in Germany, in the following years utilization of lipolysis for production of stearic acid & soaps, production of leather and textile additives

1947 new factory


Build up of a new factory; production and development of fatliquors for the leather industry and auxiliaries for the paper industry

1960 Joint Venture


Start of joint venture with DIAMOND SHAMROCK ("NOPCO") for the production and distribution of additives for paints, paper, adhesives and other industries

1980 End of joint venture


End of the joint venture with DIAMOND SHAMROCK, investment in new production facilities and a new research and development center

2000 Expansion to North America


Expansion to North America, acquisition of ULTRA ADDITIVES, Bloomfield (NJ), USA, today MÜNZING North America

2005	Opening of Office in Shanghai, China


Opening of Office and Technical Service Center in Shanghai, China

2008	Acquisition of liquid defoamer business


Acquisition of liquid defoamer business from HEXION SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, today AGITAN DF series

2009	Acquisition of L.P. BADER


Acquisition of L.P. BADER, Rottweil, Germany, producer of wax dispersions, today MÜNZING CHEMIE

2010	Start of production in Taixing, China


Start of production in Taixing, China

2011	Acquisition of DEUREX Micro Technologies


Acquisition of DEUREX Micro Technologies, Elsteraue, Germany, producer of micronized waxes, today MÜNZING Micro Technologies

2013	Acquisition of Magrabar


Acquisition of Magrabar, Morton Grove (IL), USA, manufacturer of additives for the food industry

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