FOAM BAN® 4901

FOAM BAN® 4901

EMEA · America · Asia/Oceania

Product Details

FOAM BAN® 4901 is a 3-Dimensional siloxane compound defoamer emulsified in water for optimum dispersibility in aqueous industrial fluids. It is mainly designed as an optimum tank-side defoamer that provides both initial foam knockdown, as well as long-term defoaming persistence.

Product Group
  • Defoamer
  • Tankside Defoamers
  • HI&I Cleaners and Surface Care
  • Antifreeze, Engine Coolants and De-Icing
  • Energy & Oil Field
  • Surface Finishing
Physical condition
  • Liquid
  • 3-Dimensional (3D) Siloxane
  • EMEA
  • America
  • Asia/Oceania
  • Kosher



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Technical Information

FOAM BAN® Defoamers for Tank Side use in Aqueous Metalworking Fluids

Foam minimization during the use of aqueous metalworking fluids (MWFs) is required to maintain effective lubrication, heat removal, and prevent overflow of sumps. For these reasons, MWF formulations commonly contain defoamers, which control the foam as it forms by disrupting the interfacial energies that stabilize the foam bubbles. Read the article published in the TLT November issue. The article was written by Stefanie Velez, Industrial Applications Manager, MÜNZING